As most of you probably noticed, feed refresh rates are not great right now. The reason for this is the way I designed the database.
What started as a pet project quickly became something bigger. The database model I chose initially wasn't optimal. It was great for storing data but not so great for querying it.
It was performing well up to a certain point, but not anymore due to the amount of data I had to manage.

I just moved to a new model I've been working on for the past couple of weeks that solves the issue. Unfortunately, there's no way to cleanly migrate existing feed entries to the new model and I decided to drop them. This means feed history has been discarded. I know some of you will be upset about this, and I'm sorry but it was necessary.

Here's exactly what has been discarded:
- Past feed entries
- Read and starred status for those entries

What has been kept:
- Everything else (user accounts and settings, subscriptions, categories, ...)

Please allow a few hours for the system to fetch all the feeds. You can force refresh a feed by clicking the refresh icon or pressing 'r' while on that feed (that does not work when a category is selected). It will place the feed on top of the refresh queue.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience, please bear with me as I learn from the experience. Remember this is a one-man project. I try to bring the best reader experience, with fast feed refresh rates and great ui responsiveness.